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A nice interface over a great emulator:
Neo Geo emulation on Unix made easy!


XGngeo is a full-featured front-end (GUI) written in Python that provides toward end-users a practical and user-friendly GTK interface over GnGeo which is a fast and powerful command-line Neo Geo emulator for the Unix platforms (GNU/Linux, FreeBSD).
With XGngeo multiple configuration panels, designed in an intuitive way, emulator behaviour can be regulated precisely and easily in the same time (and specificaly for each ROM if desired); while ROM selection is made simple thanks to a complete list with preview image and various game information, etc.

Free Download

XGngeo packages are available for several GNU/Linux distributions as well as FreeBSD.

Community / Getting involved

To get in touch with developpers and other users of XGngeo (for discussion, help request...), the best way is to post a message under the dedicated section on Choplair Forums, which is also a place shared by the whole GnGeo community.
We love our various contributors who make this application become better with time.
If you feel interested in improving any aspect (code, translation...) of this original open source project, you are welcome!
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